Jean Paul Amar Cannes, France

It’s a major complication that involves the long term prognosis for the patient’s visual acuity.
A semiological analysis is imperative as soon as the capsular rupture occurs.
-This will avoid actions that will worsen the initial situation
-This will determine the therapeutical choices
-The elements of the prognosis determine the likely outcome and long term complications.
The proper handling is to perform posterior vitrectomy via pars-plana with 2 open doors helped by the slit-lamp and the Kilp lens on a watertight and isotonic eyeball. The type of dislocation will define phakofragmentation or phakophagia helped by the vitrectomy tip.
The use of perfluorocarbon is prohibited in my surgical approach.
The attitude towards implantation depends on the surgical conditions and especially on the respect of the anterior rhexis.
The logic in this surgery is the ad-integrum recovery of the HOB, garanties a good quality long term functional recovery.