F Boscia*, C Furino, L Sborgia, M Reibaldi, N Recchimurzo, C Sborgia Italy


To determine whether it is necessary to support IRB during PPV with a scleral explant (SB).


We studied prospectively eighty-three eyes undergoing PPV for RRD with IRB/retinectomies (between 4-8 hours) and PVR grade C-D. Twenty cases received SF6 20-30%, fifteen C3F8 14-18%, thirty-three silicone oil, fifteen received a tamponading agent (5 eyes C3F8 14-18% , 4 eyes SF6 20-28%, 6 silicone oil) with an encircling band and/or an inferior SB. Patient were asked to posture face down.


Fifty-seven (83.8%) eyes vitrectomized without SB and thirteen (86,6%) of those vitrectomized with SB were reattached with a single operation after a minimum follow up of three months. Conclusion: It is not necessary to support IRB with SB during PPV for RRD repair in selected cases provided adequate positioning is maintained and tamponading agent is used.

Take-home message:

Gas and silicone oil tamponade with appropriate face down posturing support efficiently inferior breaks even without scleral explants during pars plana vitrectomy for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment repair in selected cases.