Ihab Saad Othman (Giza, Egypt)


Exudative retinal detachment in pediatric age group represents a specific pathological entity that has to be properly diagnosed and managed away from conventional vitrectomy techniques.


Retrospective review of cases with total exudative retinal detachment including Coats’s disease, inflammatory retinitis and chroiditis. 15 cases were identified with a mean age of 3 years (range 1 year to 21 years). Among those 12 cases of Coats disease, 3 cases with inflammatory retinitis. Management included drainage of subretinal fluid through scleral windows with intravitreal TA injection in Coats disease, and peribulbar steroids injection in inflammatory conditions.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Intervention resulted in flattening of the retina in all cases. There was an improvement in visual acuity in all cases. TA resulted in cataract formation in 40 % of cases noted at 2 years follow up.

Take home message:

Recognition and proper management of specific entities of total exudative retinal detachment results in excellent anatomical and functional results.