Andriy Sergienko, Lyubomyr Lytvynchuk (Kyiv, Ukraine)


To achieve retinal reattachment in RD cases with contraction and shrinking of the retina.


Five cases ware include into the study. The steps of surgical technique were following:
1. Lensectomy and bimanual removal of the anterior proliferative loop.
2. Stretching of retinal edges and creation of triangular entry into the RD funnel. Removal of accessible epiretinal membranes.
3. Removal of circumferential subretinal membranes.
4. Creation of “retinal sac” and residual membrane removal.
5. Partial PFCL tamponade and stretching of the compressed retina.
6. Removal of tissue bridges between retinal funnel and ciliary body.
7. Fluid/air exchange.
8. “Nesting” of the retina and partial endotamponade with hyalorunate.
9. Expanding and extending the retinal edges with soft-tipped silicone spatula.
10. 360 degree laser photocoagulation.
11. Air/silicone oil exchange.

Effectiveness / Safety:

In 3 cases complete long-term retinal reattachment was achieved. In 2 cases vision has restored to counting fingers.