Perforating eye injuries create numerous posterior segment problems. Retinal incarceration is one of the serious problems. Retinotomy, retinectomy techniques are frequently used to solve this problem. This is a case of shotgun injury with scleral perforation and dense vitreous hemorrhage. Macular dragging and partial macular incarceration to the nasal retina and macular tear accompanied with dense subretinal hemorrhage were other findings detected during 23 g vitrectomy. Macular tissue was released from the incarceration site. Most of the submacular hemorrhage was drained from the macular tear. Retina between the temporal vascular arcades was narrowed and contrastly macular tissue was thinned and enlarged due to dragging. Macular tissue seemed to be superfluous. Macular reattachment was not successful at first attempt because of this situation. Superior neighbouring retina was detached with a 39 g subretinal cannula by injecting BSS. Posterior pole retina was moved superiorly by a silicone-tipped cannula. Necrotised edges of the macular tear were trimmed. ILM peeling was performed as much as possible. Macula was reattached, positioned to its original location while performing fluid-air exchange. One fine layer of endolaser was applied to the tear. Endolaser was applied to the entry and exit sites of the bullet. Finally, the eye was filled with silicone oil. In conclusion, in the present case of macular dragging, tear and partial macular incarceration to the nasal retina, macula was restored using various tecniques without performing retinectomy.

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