Gabor B. Scharioth


In case of wet AMD with large subretinal hemorrhage, fresh RPE rip or non responding to anti-VEGF therapy we are convinced that macular translocation is the last chance for single eyed patients to preserve useful vision. Still today this approach is the only way to bring the fovea onto healthier RPE.


Pars plana vitrectomy with 360° peripheral retinotomy, CNV extraction, macular rotation and silicone oil tamponade is performed, followed by counter rotation and silicone oil removal three months later.

Effectiveness / Safety:

In 2006, fourteen and in 2007, eleven eyes were treated with macular translocation. 15 eyes reached BCVA of 0.1 or better, and only one eye lost more then 1 line. Complications were rare (one recurrent PVR detachment, two CNV recurrences).