A 37 year old patient complaining of a blind spot in his central vision and visual acuity reduction following an accidental laser burn.

On examination, he was found to have an extensive pre-retinal macular hemorrage.

Following reabsorption of the hemorrage a large macular hole (700 microns) was found to be present with visual acuity reduced to 0,2.

25 gauge vitrectomy was performed. Kenalog assisted posterior hyaloid detachment and ILM removal without the use of any dye were carried out.

Silicone oil tamponade and three day face-down positioning completed the procedure.

The day after surgery OCT revealed complete closure of the macular hole and an improvement in vision to 0,5. After 2 weeks VA further improved to 0,6. Silicone oil was removed 1 month after surgery with a 25 gauge system. Final visual acuity after 1 year is 0,8 with OCT images of a closed hole.