The initial indications for macular hole surgery was only extensive retinal detachment caused by the hole. The modern technique of macular hole surgery with pars plana vitrectomy was started in early 1990s. The initial success rate of closure was about 60%. The surgery came a long way down the timeline to a closure rate of 80% to 90%. We use different vital stains to stain the internal limiting membrane. The viewing system improved a lot with both contact an d non-contact instruments giving wonderful view of the surgical area. Different types of forceps and scrappers came up to make the surgery easier. We do the hole closure in early holes, bigger and post-operative holes. We do the surgery in detached retina also. The latest addition in the arsenal is the 23 gauge and 25 gauge instruments which give envy to the anterior segment surgeons for the post-operative ambulation and appearance. The duration of positioning after surgery is coming down slowly to 3 to even 1 day. In this video, macular hole surgery in different situations were shown along with the post operative results reflecting a win-win situation for the surgeons.