Longstanding Siderosis Bulbi; Any Hope for Vision ?


Longstanding Siderosis Bulbi; Any Hope for Vision ? by Mahmoud Soliman, Egypt



To report on the visual outcome following pars plans vitrectomy and intraocular foreign body removal in eyes with longstanding siderosis bulbi.


Five patients presenting with longstanding Siderosis Bulbi due to retained metallic foreign bodies are included. All had advanced siderotic ocular changes. The vision at presentation ranged from Hand motion to 1/60 counting fingers. The diagnosis and location of retained IOFB was confirmed by CT scan.Phacoemulsification and IOL implantation together with Parsplana vitrectomy and IOFB extraction was performed in all 5 eyes.


All eyes showed widespread retinal pigment epithelial changes and macular degenerative changes. Exudative retinal detachment was noted in one eye. Four IOFBs were removed through the parsplana with forceps. One IOFB was impacted in the sub retinal space peripherally and was extracted through the sclera. All eyes showed gradual improvement in visual functions with longterm follow up.


Despite the initial poor visual performance in eyes with advanced sideritic changes , visual improvement is possible on the longterm.



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