Older age and blunt trauma account for most cases of crystalline or intraocular lens (IOL) subluxation or dislocation. Not uncommonly, the retinal surgeon comes across cases in which the lens explant does not seem as easy as expected.


We report our experience with crystalline and intraocular lens implant removal.

Material & Method:

This is a retrospective assessment of the surgical records from five patients with crystalline lens and IOL subluxation or dislocation.


All cases presented unique features, which jeopardised a straightforward phacoemulsification or IOL removal. The resourcefulness of the retinal surgeon allowed for a smooth procedure in all situations. No technique-related complications were noted. After a minimum follow-up of 6 months, all presented cases had favourable visual and anatomical outcome.


Phacoemulsification and explantation of subluxated or dislocated crystalline or IOLs are not always straightforward procedures. Experience and creativity are of utmost importance when dealing with those cases.

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Filipe Henriques