Late Cicatricial ROP: Should we Operate ?



To report our anatomical and functional results of vitreoretinal surgery in cicatricial retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) patients.


This is a retrospective, consecutive case series. 10 eyes of 9 patients presented with late sequel of cicatricial ROP, who had vitreoretinal surgery, were retrospectively reviewed. Anatomical and functional outcomes were evaluated.


The mean gestational age at birth was 28.3 weeks (26-30 weeks). The mean age at surgery was 71.6 months (4-213 months). Patients were followed-up for 22.7 months (6-40 months). 6 eyes (%60) had lens sparing vitrectomy, 4 eyes (%40) had lensectomy + vitrectomy. Anatomical success was achieved in 9 eyes (90%). Improvement in visual acuity was noted in 8 eyes (80%).


Eye grows but fibrotic tissue does not grow with age and during this period retinal traction may get worsen. Only relieve of these tractions may lead surprisingly good anatomical and visual outcomes in late cicatricial ROP cases. Although vitreoretinal surgery for cicatricial ROP is controversial, surgery can be a promising option in selected cases.



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