Nur Acar*, Ziya Kapran, Yaprak Banu Ünver, Tugrul Altan,Zerrin Bayraktar, Hülya Güngel, Tolga Sahanlar Istanbul, Turkey


To evaluate the functional and anatomical success rates of large(>90 ) relaxing retinotomy-retinectomy(RRR) in retinal detachment cases complicated by severe ( C3) proliferative vitreoretinopathy(PVR).


The medical records of 20 cases in whom large RRR was performed were analysed.


Retinas attached in %95 of eyes.After a minimum follow-up of 6(6-18) months visual acuity of 5/200 was obtained in %30 of eyes.Preoperative hypotony disappeared in %75;redetachment occurred in %5, reproliferation occurred in %100 of eyes.No phytysis was observed.


Altough they should be considered as a last resort,large RRR can lead to anatomical success in most and to functional success in a reasonable percent of cases of severe PVR.

Take-home Message:

Altough it should be considered only after all other methods of membrane removal failed, large relaxing retinotomy-retinectomy is a usefull technique for achievement of anatomical success in most of eyes with severe PVR which are considered inoperable otherwise and of functional success in 30% of operated eyes.