Piotr Fryczkowski (Warsaw, Poland)

38 Patients with complicated retinal detachment (5 traction/rhegmatogenous detachment (13,1%), 31 rhegmatogenous Detachment (81,6%), 2 Secondary detachments, underwent pars plana vitrectomy, 230- 360° retinectomies, 360 degrees intraoperative endolaser and silicone oil tamponade. Changes in visual acuity, tonometry, and morphology of the eyes during observation time between (25-108 month) were recorded. Number of operations range from 1-7 mean 3,48, (membrane peeling combined with extension of retinectomy).

Anatomical success was achieved in 35 (92%) cases; functional outcome was achieved in 25 cases (65%). Functional success was defined as counting fingers. 28 (73,6%) patients still have silicone oil tamponade.

Take home message:
The vitreoretinal surgeon should not give up till he could save as much vision as possible. Even if it’s not satisfactory for the surgeon, not cost effective or requires many surgeries, it is still worthy. The surgeon should remember that losing vision is like mourning after death of close persons.