Barbara Parolini, Grazia Pertile


Iris fixated IOL´s are very suitable for secondary lens implantation  in aphakic vitrectomized eyes. Usually the IOLs are implanted performing a superior corneal tunnel plus corneal paracenthesis or secondary scleral accesses. The advantage of the present technique is to make only one corneal tunnel.


Creation of a superior corneal tunnel. Insertion of the IOL into the anterior chamber and rotation of the IOL in order to bring the claws to the 3 and 9 positions. The IOL is held with a specific forceps in the center of the optic. A long and linear spatula is inserted through the same corneal tunnel under the IOL and into the pupil. The tip of the spatula is flipped upright in order to push iris tissue into the IOL’s claws.

Effectiveness / Safety:

this technique is effective and safe and allows to insert the iris fixated IOL by performing only one corneal incision.