Myopic shift is common after phacovitrectomy. One of the possible reasons is anterior displacement of the intraocular lens. This study evaluates the position of the intraocular lens after phacovitrectomy and compares the results with eyes that received phaco only.


Medical records of patients who received phacovitrectomy in one eye and phaco alone in the fellow eye were analyzed. Patients with significant discrepancy in axial lengths between the two eyes were excluded. Operative details including the use of tamponade agents were extracted. Intraocular lens position was determined by anterior chamber depth measurement using a Pentacam. Each patient’s fellow eye was used as control in the statistical analysis.


Eighty eyes of 40 patients were included in the study. There was no statistical significant difference in anterior chamber depth between eyes with phaco and phacovitrectomy (p > 0.05).


This study shows that there is no anterior displacement of intraocular lens position in phacovitrectomy. Therefore, intraocular lens position cannot account for the myopic shift that is often observed after such a procedure. Further studies are needed to determine the cause of the myopic shift.