Sengul Ozdek, Atike Burcin Tefon, Turkey

The detection of peripheral retinal vascular changes that can be seen in asymptomatic family members of FEVR patients with ultra-wide-angle retinal imaging tools (Optos California) and the investigation of macular capillary structure with OCT-A (Optovue) in these individuals.

Patients & Methods:
Fifty-one eyes of 26 first-degree family members of 13 FEVR patients followed in Gazi University Retina Clinic were included in the study. Full ophthalmologic examination findings, peripheral retinal vascular findings and macular capillary structure in FA were evaluated.

The mean age of the 26 subjects was 34.4 (4-59), the visual acuities were between 0.8 and 1.0, all cases were asymptomatic. In the clinical examination of peripheral retina, vascular pathological findings were observed in 13 eyes (25.49%) by fundus examination and in 37 eyes (72.54%) by FA. Vascular changes were seen in FA such as peripheral vascular loop (66.6%), peripheral ischemia (39.21%), sudden end and flattening of retinal vessels (23,52%), late leakage (25,49%), increased folds in the vessels (54,9%) and neovascularization (7,84%). Eyes were divided into three groups which are clinical examination positive group (group 1, n: 13), the clinical examination negative but FA findings were positive group (group 2, n: 22), and the healthy group that both examination or FA was negative group (group 3, n: 13). The vascular density parameters were compared in the parafoveal superficial retinal layer. vascular density value was lower in group 1 and 2 compared to group 3 (p> 0.0 05). However, there was no difference in other density parameters of foveal superficial and deep retinal layer.

Screening of asymptomatic family members in FEVR disease may lead to the early detection of the mild form of the disease. In asymptomatic individuals with clinical FEVR findings, superficial retinal vascular layer density and SFT in OCT-A were found to be lower than those without clinical findings.

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