S. Ben Yahia , B. Jelliti, K. Hmidi, F. Amouri, S. Attia, R. Messaoud, A. Ladjimi, M. Khairallah


To evaluate the efficacy of intravitreal triamcinolone acetonide (TA) as treatment for massive macular hard exudates in diabetic patients.


Prospective, noncomparative, interventional case series, of twelve eyes (12 patients) with massive hard exudates involving the fovea that had no previous focal laser treatment. A single intravitreal injection of 4 mg TA in 0.1 ml was performed.


Follow-up period ranged from 6 to 18 months (mean: 10 months). Visual acuity improved significantly at examinations performed 1 month (p = 0.008), 3 months (p = 0.008) and 6 months (p = 0.003) after the injection. Foveal hard exudates resolved completely in 6 eyes (50%) and partially in 6 eyes (50%). Fluorescein leakage decreased and a variable proportion of microaneurysms disappeared in all cases. An intraocular pressure elevation occurred in 3 eyes (25%), and was successfully treated by topical medication. No other complications, such as endophthalmitis, were recorded.


Intravitreal injection of TA appears to be beneficial for reducing hard exudates, decreasing fluorescein leakage, and improving significantly visual acuity in patients with diabetic massive hard exudates.

Take-home message:

Intravitreal triamcinolone is a simple, interesting treatment for diabetic massive macular hard exudates which should be more investigated.