Siamak Moradian, Amir Faramarz, Qiumars Heidari, Masoud Salehipoor, Mohammad Mohammadzadeh (Tehran, Iran)


To compare the results of IVT vs IVB vs sham injections at the end of phacoemulsification (PE) on diabetic macular edema (DME).


In a RCT 88 diabetic patients with at least moderate NPDR were undergone one of the 3 injections, IVT (4 mg), IVB (1.25 mg) or sham at the end of PE. Patients were followed 1, 3, 6 and 12 months after. Main outcome measures were changing in BCVA and CMT during FU examinations.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Only in IVB group there are statistically significant improvements of BCVA at 1 (p = 0.043) and 3 (p = 0.034) months relative to the sham group. None of the changes in CMT between groups were statistically significant.

Take home message:

IVB injection at the end of PE in patients with at least moderate NPDR results to further visual improvement until 3 months after PE.