Intravitreal Injection of Conbercept for Aggressive Posterior Retinopathy of Prematurity




To observe the effects of intravitreal injection of conbercept for aggressive posterior retinopathy of prematurity (AP-ROP).


A retrospective evaluation was performed of medical records. Data from 21 patients (40 eyes) of AP-ROP who had been treated with intravitreal injection of conbercept in People’s Hospital of Peking University, from Feberary 2016 to October 2016 were analyzed. All affected eyes were treated with intravitreal injection of conbercept (0.025 mL). Follow-up averaged 6 months. The anatomical results and complica tions were evaluated after treatment.We considered the following to be signs of regression: the disappearance or decrease of retinal vessel tortuosity and neovascularization, and the growth of the normal retinal vessels toward the peripheral retina.


42 eyes of 21 infants (9 males) were a mean gestational age (GA) of 28.30 ± 1.79 weeks and a mean birth weight (BW) of 1021.40 ± 316.70 g. All the lesions of 40 eyes were located in posterior zone,with 24 eyes in zone 1 and 16 eyes in zone 2. No major systemic or ocular complications after injection appeared. All lens remained transparent and no iatrogenic retinal hole was occurred during the follow-up. 36 eyes were cured for only one time, the cured rate was 90.00%. However,two eyes were supplemented by laser treatment.Two eyes had retinal detachment,and the vitrectomy was given.


Intravitreal injection of conbercept is effective in the treatment of AP-ROP.


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