To report the result of treatment with intravitreal gas injection plus laser photocoagulation and topical brinzolamide and ketorolac in a young woman with optic pit-associated maculopathy.


A 21 year-old myopic female was referred with blurred vision in the left eye. Best-corrected visual acuity was 0.05 on the left and 1.0 on the right eye (Snellen chart). Intraocular pressure was 17/15 mm Hg in the right and left eye, respectively. The right eye showed a normal fundus picture with central macular thickness (CMT) of 248µm. Ophthalmoscopy of the left eye revealed an optic disc pit and submacular fluid with central macular thickness of 768µm. Therapy consisted of an intravitreal injection of 0.3cc C3F8-gas with face-down position for 3 days. Then laser photocoagulation was applied to the temporal margin of optic disc. Futhermore, topical brinzolamide 1 % and ketorolac tromethamine 0.4 % were given twice a day for 10 months.


Last follow-up visit 19 months after initiating therapy showed best corrected visual acuity of 0.5. CMT was 249µm and submacular fluid had disappeared. IOP was normal in both eyes. No adverse effects have been observed during treatment and follow-up.


Intravitreal C3F8-gas plus laser photocoagulation and topical therapy with brinzolamide and ketorolac was effective and safe for optic pit-related maculopathy in our case.