Maria Ana Martinez-Castellanos, Jose Luis Guerrero-Naranjo, J. Gerardo Garcia-Aguirre, Virgilio Morales-Canton, Omar Honerlage-Merino, R.V. Paul Chan, Hugo Quiroz-Mercado


We present a treatment with antiangiogenic therapy for retinopathy of prematurity with good outcome at 30 months’ follow up avoiding the complications and seculae of the ablation of the retina with laser or cryotherapy.


After intravitreal injection of 0.05 ml of bevacizumab in stages III and IV ROP we present our clinical and electroretinographic findings at 30 months’ follow up.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Treatment of retinopathy of prematurity with bevacizumab is a promising therapy for this devastating disease. In our study, we show that bevacizumab may be safe and non-toxic to the developing retina without compromising visual function.