To describe the individualized treatment schedule for each neovascular ARMD patient combining PRN and proactive treatment approach.


There are different treatment approaches considering the anti-VEGF treatment for neovascular ARMD. These are monthly treatment, fixed dose with more than monthly intervals or individualized treatments which can be either PRN or treat & extend or wait & extend or observe & plan regimens. Individualized regimens aims for better results with less visits and less treatments by preventing recurrences by mostly proactive treatments. They are tailored for each individual case seperately.

We usually start with 3 loading dose followed by monthly visits and PRN treatment protocol for the first 1-2 years. Then by assessing and reevaluating the activation periods and treatment need during this 1-2 year follow-up period, we try to estimate the treatment intervals for each case and arrange a proactive treatment protocol for each case.


By this method, we can avoid unnecessary treatments, which may be the case in treat and extend protocol and frequent visits in case of PRN treatment protocol. By doing proactive treatment we can prevent additional damage caused by new activations.

Take home message:

This method of individualized treatment approach, we can combine the advantages of both PRN and treat and extend protocols.

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