Increase Intraocular Pressure with Trabecular Meshwork Photocoagulation: To Treat or Prevent Hypotony



To evaluate the effect of trabecular meshwork photocoagulation (TMP) in elevation of intraocular pressure to treat or prevent hypotony.


The IOP change of fourteen hypotonic eyes (or about to be hypotonic after silicon oil removal) in fourteen cases was retrospectively analyzed after TMP. Thirteen eyes of them had intraocular silicone oil. Different laser was applied to destroy trabecular meshwork 1-5 times (2±1.2times in average) under gonioscope or endoscope. Seven eyes exposed large area of RPE (large retinal defect), one eye had ciliary membrane, six eyes had ciliary membrane and retinal defect.


After TMP (1 month to 30 months follow-up), the IOP was 11.9±3.2 mmHg (n=14), which is significantly higher than the values before TMP (8.3±2.0 mmHg, P=0.000). The fourteen eyes’ IOP increased by 3.9±2.3 mmHg, of which seven eyes with an IOP <10 mmHg before laser showed an IOP ≥10 mmHg after TMP. After laser, silicone oil was removed from six eyes,one eye suffered from retinal detachment after removal of silicon oil during the follow-up.


TMP can significantly increase the intraocular pressure with long-lasting effect, and provide an opportunity for removal of silicon oil despite of large area of retinal defect or ciliary membrane in selected eyes.


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