Incidentally Detected Isolated Left Macular Coloboma by Cemal Ozsaygili, Suleyman Demircan, Turkey


Congenital coloboma is a rare condition involving 0.5-0.7/10.000 birth, most often seen as isolated cases without inheritance pattern and occurs due to the failure of fusion of the optic fissure. It is more commonly found at the infero-nasal quadrant in line with the embryological development and thus termed as typical coloboma; the other rarer atypical variant is the macular coloboma that is often bilateral and symmetrical. visual prognosis in such cases is difficult to predict as patien ts with large colobomata and optic nerve involvement can still have near normal vision and stereopsis. Unilateral coloboma should be managed aggressively to maximize visual potential as there is often refractive error present putting the patients at risk of amblyopia.

Case: A 52 year old female presented with difficulty reading near distance. Her uncorrected snellens visual acuity in right ey was 20/25 and left eye 20/200; best corrected visual acuity in right eye was 20/20 and left eye 20/80. On fundus examination, the patient had left isolated macular coloboma and not aware of this condition until this time. Rest of the anterior segment, fundus evaluation and systemic examinations were unremarkable. The patient was informed, discharged on glasses and was asked to follow up every 6 months.


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