Purpose :

To evaluate the incidence rate of cystoid macular edema (CME) after uncomplicated primary operation on retinal detachment (RD) and to identify risk factors associated with postoperative CME.

Methods :

Retrospective interventional case series of consecutive patients that underwent one RD repair either by primary vitrectomy or external procedure during a 3 years period starting on January 2012. Postoperative CME was defined as poor visual recovery associated with intraretinal hyporeflective cysts on optical coherent tomography scans (OCT) engendering central macular thickening.

Results :

A total of 403 eyes were studied with a mean follow-up of 6 months. The incidence of CME was 7% after pars plana vitrectomy (22/317 eyes) and 2,3% after external procedure (2/86 eyes). Risk factors for CME were : a smaller axial length (p<0.005), a higher duration of macular detachment (p<0.029), a lower visual acuity at presentation (p<0.022), an history of posterior capsular rupture (p<0,01) and the use of cryopexy during surgery (p= 0.035). After 6 month follow-up CME persisted in 12/24 patients. Mean visual acuity was 0.28 logMAR in eyes without CME versus 0.4 logMAR in eyes with persistent CME.

Conclusion :

The incidence of CME after RD repair was 7% after primary vitrectomy, and 2.3% after primary scleral buckling. Patients might benefit from increase use of OCT during follow-up of retinal detachment surgery to detect macular pathology. Visual prognosis was good in 50% patients.

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Jean Paul Berrod