Ocular imaging techniques are still evolving. Busy in the surgery room we do not always have time to catch up with all the novelties.

Thus, in this course will focus especially on the newest developments in the visualization of the retina and choroid.

Swept Source OCT and Swept Source OCT Angiography increased our knowledge on macular diseases, vascular diseases, retinal detachment and many others.

In neovascular AMD new imaging devices change the treatment paradigm.

In diabetes decisions on laser, injections or surgery might be based on non- invasive tools.

We will additionally discuss the newest advances in diagnostic and treatment of uveitis.  

In the era of new treatment options correct diagnosis is crucial in those cases.

We will also focus on ocular tumors. The exact diagnostic scheme is crucial for the prognosis of the patient. 


Participants: Zofia Michalewska, Jerzy Nawrocki, Tarek Hammam



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