Nur Acar, Ziya Kapran, Yaprak Banu Unver (Istanbul, Turkey)

ILM peeling in retinal detachment with a macuar hole in a highly myopic eye is sometimes difficult. In this video ILM peeling with Brilliant Blue in retinal detachment with a macuar hole under heavy perflourocarbon fluid in a highly myopic eye is demonstrated. In highly myopic young eyes ILM may be very tightly adherent, and sometimes statining with triamcinolone acetonide is not enough for a safe peeling. However, Brilliant Blue stains the ILM very efficiently, which was done after injecting some HPFCF just on top the MH. ILM peeling was completed more easily after injecting copious amount of HPFCF. As during the peeling procedures in tightly adherent ILM tractional forces are generated, HPFCF had better be given enough to cover the posterior pole to prevent it to flow under retina during peeling. C3F8 endotamponade was left in the eye after retinal attachment.