Before the EVRTS-Meeting in Dresden 2012 we always used adjunctive Triamcinolone at the end of epiretinal membrane surgery with ILM-peeling, thinking, that this would reduce postoperative macular edema. However, in reaction to the results of the ME-Study, published in Dresden in 2012 which suggest that cortisone hinders the edema-lowering effect of ILM-peeling, we discontinued the use of adjunctive Triamcinolone in all cases immediately after the Dresden meeting.
In this retrospective analysis we try to answer the question whether in our experience the visual results were negatively or positively affected by omitting the intraoperative application of cortisone.

We compared retrospectively two groups of patients operated on for epiretinal membranes with ILM-peeling:
Group A: 51 cases operated between January 2011 and September 2012 with Triamcinolone, (12% pseudophakic, 88% combined with phako surgery).
Group B: 61 cases operated between September 2012 and March 2014 with the same procedure without Triamcinolone, (16% pseudophakic, 84% combined with phako surgery).
All procedures were performed by the same surgeon. The surgical approach and technique was consistent throughout the whole time period under review.

At the 6 week follow-up visit there was no statistically significant difference in visual acuity between the two groups (p=0,474).
Furthermore, in Porto we will present the visual function results 6 months after epiretinal and ILM-peeling with or without Triamcinolone.

At 6 weeks post-op the visual outcome with or without Triamcinolone is nearly the same. This is in keeping with the results of the EVRS Macular Edema study. It supports the theory that Triamcinolone has no significant anti-edematous effect in the immediate postoperative period. It will be interesting to see if the 6 months results also support the outcomes of the EVRS study.
In summary our current findings corroborate that there is no advantage in the use of Triamcinolone as an adjunct in ILM-Peeling. The results of the ME Study therefore do already make a difference: we have discontinued the use of Triamcinolone thereby avoiding negative side-effects such as secondary glaucoma or pseudo-endophthalmitis frequently associated with the use of Triamcinolone.