Author: Ivan Fiser, Prague, Czech Republic


The ILM peeling has a beneficial effect in DME in which laser treatment is ineffective (MA in FAZ, CME, diffuse DME).


Forty eyes of 35 patients 17 male, 18 female, mean age 60.2 ± 14.8)were operated using the ILM peeling with the help of trypan blue.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Anatomical finding (foveal thickness, lipids) improved in 75 % of eyes, stabilized in 17.5 % and worsened in 7.5 % of eyes. The BCVA improved in 77.5 % of eyes, stabilized in 10 % and worsened in 12.5 % of eyes. No complications resulting from the ILM peeling per se (macular hole, perimacular hole, perimetry worsening) were noticed.

Take home message:

The ILM peeling has a beneficial effect in patients with DME.