I do ERM-ILM peeling by using: Chandelier illumination, aspheric macular contact lens, 23 G needle OR closed tip ILM Forceps for creating the ILM flap, clamping the infusion cannula during the BBG stain injection. Chandelier allows for satisfactory illumination with a free second hand that stabilizes the working hand and thus provides stability, precision, control and dexterity. However, positioning and redirecting by the assistant may be essential. 23 G needle is non-bent, allows for creating the ILM flap without pinching the retina even though it is sharp. Aspheric lens gives a very good resolution. Clamped infusion cannula during BBG stain injection allows gravitation of BBG on macula, and more effective staining…. however this may result in transient hypotony.


Tractional diabetic diffuse macular edema due to: Epimacular membranes; taut posterior hyaloid; and vitreomacular Traction Fibrovascular proliferations. Results: Complete wide ILM Peeling. Reduction in central macular thickness. Improvement of vision.