Authors: Jerzy Nawrocki, Dominik Odrobina, Janusz Michalewski, Lodz, Poland


The purpose of the presentation is to present the rationale of ILM peeling for prevention of macular pucker. Macular pucker surgery is well known since many years however, according to our current knowledge epiretinal membrane formation is not only epiretinal disease but also intraretinal disease and even after the surgery intraretinal changes do not disappear.


ILM peeling is routinely performed in macular hole surgery and we do not observe epiretinal membrane formation in these eyes.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Results after vitrectomy with and without ILM peeling due to macular pucker, diabetic retinopathy, venous thrombosis and retinal detachment are discussed.

Take home message:

According to the current knowledge ILM peeling performed during the vitreous surgery may be a useful tool for prevention of epiretinal membrane formation.