Frank Becquet, Jean-Fran├žois Le Rouic, Didier Ducournau (Nantes, France)


To evaluate the use, tolerance and complications of episcleral implants in retinal detachment surgery.


A review was carried out on the medical reports of 2155 patients with a single surgical procedure (cryotherapy and scleral buckling) for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment that were operated on by three surgeons (Frank Becquet, Jean-Fran├žois Le Rouic, Didier Ducournau) between January 2000 and December 2009. The mean follow-up was 40 months and all complications were considered.


Extraocular complications (pain, episcleral implants removal, strabismus…) and intraocular complications (choroidal detachment, macular retinal fold, subretinal gas, submacular haemorrhage…) were analysed and surgical strategies to avoid such complications were suggested.


Our findings demonstrate that ab externo treatment of retinal detachment surgery provides excellent long-term tolerance with very few complications if simple but mandatory rules are followed.