Going Trans Coats in Coats Disease


Going Trans Coats in Coats Disease Coats disease is an ocular condition affecting children specially males and occasionally young adults characterized by retinal telangiectasia, aneurysms and exudation. Over the years different stages and the respective management have been described in various studies. Herein reporting a new never described minimally invasive method of treatment of Stage 3B Coats disease which is characterized by total bullous retinal detachment with massive subretinal exudates. Results were found to be equally good as with other invasive methods with the additional benefit of being minimally traumatic to the child’s eye.


Finding a Minimally invasive method of management for bullous retinal detachment in Coats disease.


A two year full term male child birth weight 2.75 Kg presented to us with parents giving history of noticing yellowish reflex in left eye since 2 weeks. Child had BCVA of 6/6 in right eye and PL +ve in left eye. Examination revealed right eye was normal Left eye showed total exudative retinal detachment in the left eye with underlying numerous subretinal yellow exudates and few telangiectatic vessels. B Scan revealed Retinal Detachment with no evidence of any mass lesion. Diagnosis of coats was confirmed for which trans conjunctival SRFD + Green Laser was done. Following two treatment sessions the retina completely settled with absorption of hard exudates. Case Series of 10 similar Cases.


Complete retinal attachment with resolution of hard exudates was achieved with a minimal invasive procedure.


Minimally Invasive Trans conjunctival SRFD can yield good results equivalent to other more invasive procedures like trans scleral drainage and vitrectomy with oil for Retinal Detachment in Coats Disease. Arguments: Case of Coats disease with total bullous exudative retinal detachment: 1. Total Retinal Detachment with retina just behind the lens in Coats Disease – Management options?


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