Angela VP Loo, YH Yew, S Menon (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


To measure macular thickness and volume in diabetic patients with High Definition Optical Coherence Tomography (HD-OCT) and to assess their relationship with the respective glycosylated hemoglobin level (HbA1c).


This was a cross sectional, observational study where 165 eyes in 165 diabetic patients with increased macular thickness regardless of diabetic retinopathy status were recruited from the eye clinic at University Malaya Medical Center. Ophthalmologists examined all patients with slit-lamp followed by HD-OCT and venous blood samples. Patients with history or signs of other ocular pathology were excluded.


This study of equal male and female ratio showed HbA1c level significantly correlated with average macular thickness (Pearson’s correlation test r=0.30, p=0.001) and macular volume (r=0.35, p=0.001) in all patients. Macular thickness and volume were statistically greater in diabetics with maculopathy than without maculopathy (p=0.05). Furthermore, diabetics with clinically significantly macula edema had the thickest macula compared to the rest.


Since HbA1c level is significantly correlated with macular thickness and volume, it could be used as a guide for early diabetic maculopathy screening.
Support: University of Malaya Research Grant (UMRG).