The management of retinal detachment associated with giant tear present a unique and formidable challenge, even for experienced vitreoretinal surgeons, beyond a common rhegmatogenous detachment.
Giant retinal tears are associated with hereditary conditions,like Stickler´s, Marfan´s, axial myopia, extensive lattice degeneration, multiples holes and trauma.

My Sugery:
Lensectomy for optimal removal of the basal vitreous.
Conventional 3- ports pars plana vitrectomy(PPV) procedure using 23 or 20 gauge vitrectomy system, with contact wide angle viewing system.
PCL was injected to unroll the retina and displace the SRF.
Excision of the anterior flap.
Diathermy of the edges of the tear.
Meticulous removal of the peripheral vitreous base.
360° laser to seal the retina.
Fluid-air exchange very slowly with passive fluid removal  with a backflush cannula, draining the fluid anterior to the PFO. A careful and meticulous drainage of aqueous along tear-PFC interface with a very gradual removal of PCL are the keys to preventing slipage.
PFC-air-oil exchange.

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