The effect of laser and intravitreal injection on the persistence of serous macular detachment and its effect on functional and anatomical results.


Thirty-one diabetic patients who had diabetic retinopathy and clinically significant macular edema with serous macular detachment were included. Data were reviewed for laser treatment (panretinal-grid-focal photocoagulation) and intravitreal injection (triamcinolone acetonide/ bevacizumab) diversity. The patients were grouped according to the regression of SMD (group I, n: 18, SMD regressed; group II, n: 13, SMD persisted). The relation between the persistence of SMD, visual acuity changes and central macular thickness were analysed statistically.

Effectiveness / Safety:

There was not a significant difference regarding laser and intravitreal injection diversity in between groups. Also there were not a statistically significant difference in between groups regarding visual acuity gaining and central macular thickness at the end of the therapies (p>0.05). Central macular thickness was higher in group II.