Zoran Tomic


To report on our results with full macular translocation (FMT) in the treatment of ARMD.


Retrospective study on 15 consecutive eyes that underwent FMT for the treatment of subfoveal CNV in ARMD.


Visual acuity improved by ‚Č• 2 lines Snellen in 6 operated eyes (40%), remained unchanged in 3 eyes (20%) and worsened in 6 (40%). Reading vision recovered in 5 eyes (33%) and maintained in 2 (13%). Complications included rhegmatogenous retinal¬†detachment in 2 eyes (13%), PVR in 1 eye (6,6%), phthisis bulbi in 1 eye (6,6%) and extrafoveal recurrence in 1 eye (6,6%). Silicone oil was successfully removed in 13 eyes (87%).


Macular translocation produces adequate translocation beyond the borders of large subfoveal membranes. It is a complex surgery with a number of severe complications (33%). Most of the patients improved or maintained the distance visual acuity (60%). Nearly a half of the patients recovered or maintained useful reading vision (46%).

Take-home message:

Randomised multicenter studies on macular translocation and MT vs. PDT now appropriate. Improved prevention and management of complications may improve future visual outcomes.