We compared different regimens of aflibercept (EYLEA) injections in patients with wet AMD.


We analyzed 195 eyes of 186 patients with wet AMD, treated between 2013 and 2015 with aflibercept. We assessed BCVA and central retinal thickness and compared these parameters in four subgroups of patients treated using four different regimens:

  1. Only three monthly loading doses.
  2. Three loading doses followed with individual injections (a modified TAE).
  3. Full producer-recommended regimen (three loading doses plus four doses given every two months).
  4. PRN (tailored therapy since the beginning).


The mean number of injections was 3.3 (3,0 applications in regimen 1; 4.6 applications in TAE; 6.0 applications in the full scheme and 2.7 applications in PRN). The mean BCVA improved only slightly 6 and 12 months after the first injection while the CRT improved significantly. Surprisingly, there were no significant differences between four subgroups.

Take home message:

In spite of the anatomical improvement, the BCVA in all subgroups of our patients only stabilized. No significant differences between various treating regimens with aflibercept were found.

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Ivan Fiser