In those patients requiring vitreoretinal surgery and presenting opacity or corneal irregularity that prevents proper display, the use of a temporary keratoprostheses (QPT) is currently the best option. The QPT, implemented after trepanation of the opaque cornea, vitreoretinal surgery allows a correct visualization of intraocular structures. Once the vitreo-retinal surgery has been completed, the keratoprosthesis is removed and placed suture and corneal graft. In this way you can perform both procedures in a single surgical time, optimizing maneuvers in the vitreous space. The indication of this complex procedure is any vitreoretinal pathology whose surgery can not be performed by corneal opacity which is not medically treatable and prevents sufficient preoperative visualization. The vast majority of candidates for this surgery are from ocular trauma but I will present these cases that had severe endophthalmitis with severe infection and corneal opacity not permitting vitreoretinal surgery without the use of keratoprostheses.

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