Since the development of Ab interno surgery in the 2000s, surgeons have more surgical options for the treatment of retinal detachment (RD). While being currently set aside, ab externo scleral buckle (SB) surgery, still has a place for certain cases of RD. With or without pars plana vitrectomy (PPV), SB is also a useful option for surgical failures after PPV.

Using surgical videos, I will illustrate SB surgery for RD with the objective of relaxing traction on vitreous the base and relieving localized retinal retraction. An example is in vitreous incarceration at the sclerotomy site post vitrectomy particularly as the anterior aspect of the vitreous base is not easily accessible in phakic eyes even with current wide field viewing systems

I will also discuss the management of vitreoretinal proliferation occurring after PPV. Techniques will include circumferential buckles of variable size and how to achieve a scleral fold by changing the intrascleral passage of the anchoring sutures. External scleral buckle surgery in this context, decreases the need for repeat vitrectomy with retinectomy or using silicone oil tamponade.

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