Capillary hemangiomas of retina could be associated with rhegmatogenous retinal retachment (RRD) with proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR), situation that is difficult to manage. The surgical outcome is poor and recurrences are common. Vitrectomy along with excision and removal of capillary hemangiomas of the retina can be can be a viable treatment option for these cases.


A 25-year-old male was diagnosed to have RRD and PVR. On indirect ophthalmoscopy multiple capillary hemangiomas (7) were seen in all retinal quadrants. Vitreoretinal surgery was organized. An encircling scleral band was placed followed by a complete vitrectomy with vitreous base shaving. Epiretinal membranes were peeled from the retinal surface. Endodiathermy was done around the base of the haemangioma. For each capillary haemangioma, retinectomy was performed around it and the tumor was excised and removed from the eye through one of sclerotomy ports. The retina was then flattened using perfluorocarbon liquid (PFCL). Laser photocoagulation was done around the retinectomy sites and around the retinal breaks. Silicon oil was exchanged with the PFCL.


There were no immediate or late postoperative complications. At one year follow up the retina remained fully attached. Vision had improved from perception of light to 3/60. No recurrence of hemangiomas was observed during this period, neither any new growth has occurred.


Excision of capillary hemangiomas can be performed safely without complications when required.