Hülya Güngel (Istanbul, Turkey)


To examine the relation between clinic, fluorescein angiographic findings and ophthalmodynamometric measurements in patients with central retinal vein obstruction.


Routine ophthalmologic examination, fluorescein angiography and ophthalmodynometry was performed in 28 subjects. H.K. Müller (2) ophthalmodynamometer was used.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Brachial artery systolic pressure was statistically high in patients with large ischemia and in patients with revascularization, while differences between diastolic pressures were insignificant. Perfusion pressure, ophthalmic artery systolic and mean pressures were statistically high in patients with large ischemia than small ischemia.

Take home message:

High ophthalmic artery systolic and perfusion pressures increases endothelial damage and causes enlargement of ischemic areas in patients with retinal blood flow deregulation.