Energy and empowerment: exactly how Asian solo feminine travellers perceive and negotiate dangers


Asian solamente feminine travellers are challenged by gendered and racialised risks.

Gender intersects with battle in amplifying Asian ladies’ perception of danger.

Dangers are conceptualised due to the fact unequal power relations underlying tourism area.

Feminine travellers gain reconstruct and empowerment identities through risk-taking.

Specific empowerment may expand to social transformations at a level that is micro.

This study explores how Asian women perceive and negotiate the risks of travelling alone and the meanings of these processes in response to the emergence of the solo female travel market in Asia. The lived experiences of 35 solo feminine travellers from 10 East and Southeast parts of asia were analysed using constructivist grounded concept. The findings expose that Asian solamente female travellers had been worried about gendered ( ag e.g. Intimate attack and road harassment) and racialised (e.g. Discrimination and social disapproval) dangers, which imply the unequal energy relations underpinning the gendered and racialised tourism space. The findings additionally expose evidence where gender intersects with battle in amplifying and constructing women that are asian perception of risk. The research demonstrates exactly how Asian solo female travellers gained empowerment and experienced self-transformations through negotiating the potential risks and additional reveals just exactly how these specific transformations may extend to social transformations at a micro degree in a Asian context.

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Dr Elaine Chiao Ling Yang is a co-employee Lecture within the Department of Tourism, Sport and resort Management, Griffith University. A PhD is held by her in Tourism from Griffith University. Elaine’s research interest is based on the aspects of Asian tourism, feminine travellers and tourist risk perception. Her works have already been posted in Tourism Management, Journal of Travel Research, Current Issues in Tourism, and Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management. Elaine is a board that is editorial of Tourism Management views and Annals of Leisure Research. She actually is additionally a volunteer administrator of females Academics in Tourism (WAiT).

Contribution: Elaine Yang contributed into the conception and design associated with task, literature review, information collection, analysis and interpretation of information, drawing implications and summary, drafting and revising the manuscript, handling reviewers’ feedback and communication utilizing the log.

Dr Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore is just A senior lecturer at griffith University, Australia. Catheryletter’s research interest is on tourist and guest behavior, with a separate concentrate on ladies, families and small children as well as on understanding these sections from A asian viewpoint. Catheryn has co-published two publications: Asian Genders in Tourism and ladies and Travel. Catheryn is Editor-in-Chief of Tourism Management views and serves from the editorial panels of various other hospitality and tourism journals. This woman is 2nd Vice-Chair of this Council for Australasian Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE). This woman is additionally the creator and chair of females Academics in Tourism (WAiT).

Contribution: Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore contributed intellectual input into the general task including methodology and literary works review, and subsequent critical revisions of numerous drafts associated with manuscript.

Associate Professor Charles Arcodia may be the Deputy Head of this Department of Tourism, Sport and resort Management at Griffith University, Australia. Charles’s research passions are usually in neuro-scientific occasion management and explore several associated areas such as for example tourism administration training and social history administration. He could be additionally the Executive Editor associated with the International Journal of Event Management analysis and it is an editorial board user of five other scholarly journals.

Share: Charles Arcodia contributed into the conception and design regarding the scholarly research; the interpretation associated with the information additionally the conclusions drawn as a result; reviews associated with draft paper; and interpretation associated with reviewers’ reviews, and a reaction to the reviewers.