Endophthalmitis Management: A Uveitis/ Retina Specialist Perspective


The Endophthalmitis Vitrectomy Study (EVS) has recommended that intravitreal antibiotics should be the standard of care for acute endophthalmitis occurring after cataract surgery and that benefit of early vitrectomy surgery this context is limited. However, with the recent advances in vitrectomy surgery techniques, there has been an increased interest in performing early vitrectomy surgery to treat endophthalmitis in addition to intravitreal antibiotic therapy. Similar data was replicated by other large more contemporary studies. Early vitrectomy surgery may have benefits in patients with active endophthalmitis such as obtaining a larger vitreous sample and reduction of infection load, these should be weighed against the risk of iatrogenic retinal tears or intraocular hemorrhage in eyes with active intraocular inflammation. In this presentation, I will reflect on my experience in the management of endophthalmitis including treatment and follow up plans, as well as tips and pitfalls of surgery.



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