Ziya Kapran, Rengin Aslihan Kurt, Selver Kayaoglu, Turkey

To evaluate the efficacy and safety of the heavy silicone oil as an internal retinal tamponade in patients undergoing vitrectomy for recurrent retinal detachment and recurrent macular hole.

15 eyes of 15 patients (11 male, 4 female) were enrolled in our study. 86 % of the patients had retinal detachment and 14% had macular hole. All patients subsequently underwent PPV and heavy silicone oil tamponade. Anatomical and functional outcomes like retinal reattachment, reoperation rate, best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) and postoperative complications were reviewed.

Retinal reattachment or closure of the macular hole was achieved in all eyes. The initial mean visual acuity was 1.58 logMAR and the final mean visual acuity was 0.953 logMAR. Different heavy silicone oils were used during the study (Densiron in 11 eyes, Densiron-HD in 2 eyes and Ala Medics in 2 eyes) with an average intraocular tamponade time of 2.6 months and were removed in 11 of 15 eyes. Emulsification of the heavy silicone oil was observed in 2 eyes however no serious postoperative complications were noted.

The heavy silicone oil use is a safe alternative in inferiorly located retinal tears, persisting macular holes, in severe cases of recurrent retinal detachments and patients unable to cooperate with postoperative positioning by providing a better support for the inferior retina and the posterior pole.

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