Yoon Hyung Kwon_SCIENTIFIC POSTER 2015


To investigate the effect of topical pranoprofen 0.1% in the treatment of acute serous chorioretinopathy.


This was a retrospective review of 52 serous chorioretinopathy cases (52 patients). 26 patients were received topical pranoprofen 0.1% (treatment group); and the other 26 patients did not receive any treatment served as the control group. Baseline and follow-up visual acuity (LogMAR), subfoveal choroidal thickness, subretinal fluid and central macular thickness were reported and compared in two groups.


In the treatment group mean subfoveal choroidal thickness was 366 μm at baseline and significantly improved to 289 μm at 6 months (p=0.005). Subretinal fluid height and central macular thickness also significantly improved from 188m, 375m at baseline to 98m, 270m after 1 month (p=0.002, p=0.003). In the control group, subfoveal choroidal thickness decreased throughout the follow-up period but it was not a meaningful decline. There was a significant difference in mean subretinal fluid at 6 months, central macular thickness at 3 months compared to the baseline in the control group. Improvement of visual acuity was observed in both groups 6 months after treatment but no significant improvement was found in the control group. However, 0.1% pranoprofen treatment group (p=0.002) had significant visual acuity improvement compared with their baseline values. The recurrent rate in 0.1% pranoprofen treatment group was lower than control group (23% vs 38%) but there were no statistically significant differences (p=0.229, chi-square test).


We found that topical pranoprofen 0.1% therapy was effective in treating acute CSC, leading to visual improvement, resorption of subretinal fluid, decreasing the subfoveal choroidal thickness and central macular thickness. Topical pranoprofen 0.1% has a beneficial therapeutic effect in acute CSC patients compared to the observation group.

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