Dominik Odrobina, Janusz Michalewski, Zofia Michalewska, Jerzy Nawrocki (Lodz, Poland)


Advantages of early laser treatment vs late laser treatment in CSC.


20 eyes with acute CSC (duration less than 6 months) – Group A, and 15 eyes with chronic CSC (duration more than 6 months) – Group B were included in this study. In every eye we performed laser on the side of leakage after SOCT and fluorescein angiography examination. We analyzed the results and microstructural changes in Spectral-OCT during a follow-up of 12 months after laser treatment.

Effectiveness / Safety:

In Group A we observed total resolution of subretinal fluid in all cases 2-3 weeks after laser treatment. In Group B we observed total resolution of subretinal fluid in 14/15 eyes 6-8 weeks after laser treatment. In 1/15 eyes in Group B we observed partial resolution of subretinal fluid. Visual acuity was better in Group A before and after laser treatment than in group B. We did not observe any recurrence of CSC in Group A or B. In Group A we did not observe any complications after laser treatment. In Group B CNV developed in 1 eye 6 months after laser treatment. In SOCT exams after laser treatment we observed partial photoreceptors defects in Group A. In Group B SOCT revealed: photoreceptors defects, photoreceptors elongation, RPE defects and hyper secretion.

Take home message:

Laser treatment is a safe and effective treatment method in acute and chronic CSC. Early laser treatment may be performed in all eyes with acute CSC.