Dual Accommodating Lens Goes South and Retina Goes North




To present for the first time a case of dual accommodating IOL dislocation and retinal detachment following Yag laser capsulotomy and its vitreo-retinal surgical repair.

Setting / Venue:

West of England Eye Unit, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, UK


This patient had a Yag capsulotomy that resulted in the lens partially subluxing into the vitreous cavity and also an inferior retinal detachment. We did an intraocular lens removal via a large corneal section, followed by temporary closure of the section. We then performed a vitrectomy and laser after heavy liquid to reattach the retina.


The patient received a secondary intraocular lens (IOL) implant into the ciliary sulcus followed by intravitreal gas injection.


To our knowledge this is the first presented case of a dual accomodating IOL dislocation after yag capsulotomy, complicated by retinal detachment and the presentation of its surgical repair.

Co-authors full name plus affliation: Mr Peter Simcock, Consultant Ophthalmologist, affiliation as above Any financial disclosures: none



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