Identification of Epimacular membranes (EMM): BBG stains ILM not EMM. Identification and complete peeling of the EMM is essential. Moreover; complete peeling of the underlying (surrounding) ILM is no less essential, to reduce possibility of recurrence of EMM. Technique: BBG is injected. The surgeon identifies the EMM as the unstained area that is surrounded by a stained area. In case of a visible EMM edge; the surgeon grasps and peels the EMM. If not; ILM is stroked by the closed tip of the ILM forceps and ILM is peeled in the direction of the EMM till it can be entangled. Then further injection of BBG is performed. And ILM peeling is then extended and completed. Advantages of Double-staining Proper identification of surrounding ILM and underlying ILM remnants Complete ILM removal Minimal EMM recurrence BBG isn’t toxic to the macula.



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