Double Rectangular Scleral Mesh for Dislocated IOLs: A Closed Vitrectomy Approach



Dislocated IOLs months to years following IOL implantation represent a challenging entity. We present a new technique of ab interno approach to replace the IOLs in the sulcus following PPV.

Materials & Methods:

5 cases of dislocated IOLs are presented. Age range from 8-50 years. All cases were myope with no capsular support. Fashioning of a double rectangular scleral mesh was done on an intact eyeball before fashioning slcerotomies. PPV was performed and the IOL was replaced and tethered onto the scleral mesh in 4 cases. One IOL was exchanged as it was damaged.


Mean follow up was 68 months. Visual acuity improved in all cases. IOLs were all centered in the sulcus onto the DRSM. Complications included transient ciliary body bleeding in 2 cases and IOL haptic rupture necessitating IOL replacement on the scleral mesh.


DRSM offered an adequate support for IOL replacement and placement under a closed system. This offers IOL stability.


Ihab Saad Othman



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